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Comm Studies Test 4 1 (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 2010

RelationshipsWe define relationship as any sort of social connection Apprehension people experience this when they communicate in relationships State underlying feeling anxiety apprehension in speaking with another personTrait situations certain situations that make us more apprehensive than others Talking to your friends youre fine but asking someone on a date you are apprehensive Two types of relationships1Relationships of circumstance relationships you entered into and didnt have any control of for example family family friends2Relationships of choice we make or decide through our own choices to enter into relationships What leads us to start this relationship similarities attractionappearance proximity how connectedclose they are to us friendly if they want to be friends with you lonelyAttraction theory what motivates us to start a relationship with another person1We can have shortterm attraction dont last very long come and go 2Longterm attraction attraction that lasts a long period of timeWe all have different things that were attracted to Just because were attracted to someone doesnt mean we have to act on itTypes of attraction1Physical attraction we have our own type that we consider to be attractive motivates us to form relationships2Charisma credibility competence the three cs of attraction the things we look for in a relationship Charisma someone who is exciting to be around Credibility deals with reputation looking for people with a positive reputation View them in a positive lightCompetence does this person communicate effectively look at this in terms of friends are they good at being your friend 3Proximity you are close to and form relationships with the people you are around Proximity is a huge motivator simply because someone is there4Similarities times that we look for people we have things in common with us and that motivates us to start relationships 5Complementary not a question of do opposites attract but if the opposites can complement each other We look for someone who is different than us but can complement us 6Relational potential does this person have the potential to meet our needs We size up people and determine if they can meet our needs7Reciprocating liking we start relationships with people who like us 3 things if we want to build a relationshipWe have to have trustWe have to have commitmentInvestments deal with our desire to put forth effort time money feelings and emotions and communication Willing to make the effort spend the time to keep relationship working 10 stages of relationships in book understand where people are in certain relationshipsWhy stages are so important so you know how you are supposed to communicate and what youre supposed to be worried about in the relationship If relationship is starting to fall apart if we understand these stages we can be able to save it Relational dialecticstensions we have in relationshipsAutonomyConnectiveness sometimes we want to make decisions alone and other times involuntaryNoveltyPredictability new and exciting different things vs predictiveness Opennessclosedness how much we disclose 4 ways we handle these tensions1Neutralization talk about it and negotiate it2Selection times when we can selectchoose to let the other persons tension or choice win we just let it happen
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