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Communication Studies
CMST 2012
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Things to know for the midterm examThe difference between realistic classicistic and formalistic directions in filmRealistic emphasisseen primarily in documentaryA style that attempts to reproduce the surface of reality with a minimum of distortionAttempts to preserve the illusion that the film world is unmanipulated and presented in an objective manner ContentObjectiveFormalistic emphasisthe deliberate stylization and distortion of the raw materials that calls attention to itselfPure formalism is seen primarily in avant garde cinemaThe distortion becomes part of the showForm and techniqueExpressionistClassical emphasistends to avoid the extremes of either realism or formalism in favor of a happy mediumMost fiction filmsEmphasized in American cinema Shotsdefined by the amount of subject matter that is included within the frame of the screen1Extreme long shot2Long Shot3Full shot4Medium shot5Close up 6 Ext close upThe establishing shotan extreme long shot that serve as a spatial frame of reference often found in epic films where location plays an important roleMedium shotincludes the threeshotthree figures in
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