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CMST Midterm Notes (aced the test and got 96%)

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Communication Studies
CMST 2060
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CMST Midterm NotesEthics socially accepted standards that we use to determine right from wrong and good from evilDerived from ethosAristotle father of public speakingEthos intelligence character and good will that a speaker communicates during a speechValues socially shared ideas about what is good right and desirableEthical guidelines for public speaking1Habit of search looking for information to either confirm or dispute topic2Habit of justice to be fair and open in your speech3Habit of preferring public to private motivation looking to help audience rather than to help yourself4Habit of respect for descent see different points of view as a challenge rather than a threatPower of the podium ex McCarthy accused innocent people of communism just so he would gain popularity and get reelectedMore with ethicsSpeak truthfully and be certain of factsEmotional appeal is good but dont milk itoAvoid too emotionalAvoid name callingAvoid plain folks technique fancy people who try to act like they are normal to appeal to audience oEx Romney wearing jeans to not seem richAvoid bandwagoningUse current informationNever try to be purposely ambiguous
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