Midterm And Final Notes (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 2060

CMST 2060 Midterm Informationst1 amendment freedom of speechMonotonefailure to change speech The topic discovery systemwhere you go from broad to narrowOutline Outline should have general purpose if informativeto inform if demonstrativeto demonstrate etcThe outline should have a specific purpose which is the desired response you want from the audienceAll main points on the outline should have roman numeralsThe physical characteristics of any audiencedemographicsPresident Ronald Reagan of all the modern presidents is considered the best public speaking president In the introductionyou need to get your audiences attention You can use a rhetorical question or a startling statementIntroduction should be about 13 of your speech usually about 45 secondsIn the introduction you need to get the audiences attention have a personal greeting establish credibility and preview the main pointsThe body contains your main points and your support for those main points it is usually about 23 of your speech The conclusion is where you wrap everything up In the conclusion you summarize main points you can use quotations BUT DO NOT end with a startling statement Most people first get exposed to public speaking in college If you are successful you will do public speaking in your career As a citizen we do a lot of public speaking town hall meetings etcHowever one on one speaking is still the best form of communication Public speaking teaches critical thinking skill s
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