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Communication Studies
CMST 2060
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Study Guide Types of FormConventionalA traditional way of arranging certain types of speeches based on organizational structure rather than contentPeople expect certain people to act in certain waysoState of the Union Address Madame Speaker Mr Vice President Members of Congress and the American People Ive come here tonight to address the crises facing our nation and the paths forward we might followSyllogisticA formal unity created by arranging parts in a causal or logical sequenceAssociated with legal or scientific speak step by step explanationsoTo fight terror we must first boost our homeland defenses then gain intelligence about terrorist groups and finally disrupt and destroy their organizationQualitativeThe buildup of an emotional tension or expectation that finds appropriate satisfaction in subsequent parts of the speechAction Movies example ActionCalmActionCalmoWhen terrorists struck our homeland we felt a rush of fear and uncertaintyWhy us What should we do But the answer soon came we must resolve to fight this battle with all the strength we possessRepetitiveThe repetition of the same idea or principle worded different ways with different examplesSame claim but changes different ways of saying itoTerrorists know no boundsThey kill innocent childrenThey blow up schoolsThey murder their own citizensFunctions of SymbolsArtistic SymbolA symbol that is intrinsically interesting to the imagination and draws in an audience because of its aesthetic valueoThe Twin Towers once striving toward the sky came crashing down on that September daybut standing on Ground Zero one can still feel their presenceInterpretive SymbolA symbol that gives clarity and order to a confused and disordered situationoMake no mistakeWe were not struck by criminalsWe are fighting a new kind of enemyWe now are engaged in a War on Terror that will last for yearsAcceptance SymbolA symbol that forces an audience to admit an undesirable condition that it had previously deniedoOften people think they can have their vices and be left aloneBut they do not understand that illegal trafficking supports the terrorist infrastructureThe Drug User is also the Terrorist EnablerCorrective SymbolA symbol that offers a vision of ideal possibility which corrects the current problematic situationPeace is a corrective symbol for a nation during war Hollywood is a corrective symbol for aspiring actorsoVictory in the War on Terror will give way to a new Age of Peace where all humankind will treat others with the love and respect due our fellow human beingsEmotional SymbolA symbol that allows an audience to express powerful feelings it had previously felt necessary to keep hiddenoIn this war we do not wish to feed the unhealthy nationalism that is a natural human responseLet us praise not the State but the Citizen Heroes who embody the highest ideals of our country in actionEmancipatory SymbolA symbol that turns behaviors previously thought inappropriate or questionable into acts of virtue and excellenceTurning a symbol from negative to positive prostituteentrepreneur
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