Ch 7 Pathos (97% in the course

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Communication Studies
CMST 2060
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PathosPathosoThe use of emotional appeals to persuade an audience by putting it in a certain frame of mind that makes it more willing to act in one way instead of anotheroWorks in rhetoric as in good literature by showing and not simply tellingoThe essence of pathos is description not expositionoWhenever one gives formal reasons detailed accounts or logical analysis one is using logosoIncorporates elements of narrative and style to sculpt powerful images that live in peoples imagination and makes them feel ideas which logic can only explainoAll emotions can be characterized by two thingsOrientationRepresents how we stand in relationship to a thing whether we are attractedor repulsedby itSalienceRepresents how strongly this emotion is felt within a particular situationFor the purpose of simplification emotions related to rhetoric can be formed into attractive and repulsive orientations to 4 categories of thingsPeopleoRepresents both individuals and groupsActionsoRefers to conscious behavioral choices made by peopleEventsoTimebound situations that have a beginning and an endObjects
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