Ch 6 Logos (got 93% on the test)

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Communication Studies
CMST 2060
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LogosLogosoGreek for words arguments or reasonoRefers to the use of rational arguments and evidence to persuade an audience of the reasonableness of ones positionoThe use of logos in rhetoric effectively requires us to chart a path based on the available evidence at handLogical ReasoningoThe use of inferences and proofs to establish relationships among propositions which warrant specific conclusionoUse reason to defend or arrive at our conclusion we engage in the process of logical reasoningoConsists primarily of the relationship between 3 thingsClaimThe primary position or conclusion being advanced by a speakerGroundsThe supporting evidence for the claimWarrantThe inferential leap that connects the claim with the ground usually embodied in a principle provision or chain of reasoningoBackingA reason used to justify the warrantoRebuttalAcknowledges the conditions where the claim might not holdoQualificationAdmits to the degree of certainty or confidence that the speaker has in the claim
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