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CMST Mid Term Study Guide (got 93% on the test)

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Communication Studies
CMST 2061
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CMST 2061 Fall 2012Midterm Study GuideLecture 1Business and Organzational CommunicationGoals of Business CommTo informTo persuadeTo entertainTo coordinateregulateTo questionComm at work is functional effectivecompetent and strategicTypes of messagesTasksoGetting the job doneMaintenanceoBuild RelationshipsHuman RelationsoMessages of praisemotivationPresentation Communicationdefinition and characteristicsAny presentation of factual information and its interpretation using the spoken wordoInformativeo7 principles of effective presentationAudiencePurposeLogisticsContentOrganizationCredibilityPerformanceSpeech Anxiety and Stage Freightdefine and how to overcomeSpeech AnxietyoThe anxiety experienced when we think about or engage in business presentationsHow To OvercomeoChange you selfperceptionoVisualizationVisualize giving a successful presentationoCompetenceImprove skills to become more competentoSkills TrainingGain experience in presentingoPhysiologyRelaxation trainingKnow 4 approachesclassical human relations human resourcescultureand how effect communicationhandout in bookClassicalHumanHuman Organizational ApproachesRelations Resources CultureApproachApproachJob and goal Social Task social and Shared values will Communicatiofocusedcommunication with motivationaldetermine n a minimal jobappropriate topicsTopic
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