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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 2063

2063Intro to RhetoricEngaged CitizensoAn active Participant in democratic ProcessDebateDeliberationPersuasianoCapacity to act rhetorically in public sphereoCitizens are made not bornRhetorical SpeechoThe artNot instinctualRational method Creative and situated judgementoOf addressing pressing public concernsShared pressing concernRectify predicament or problemoBy employing deliberate persuasive strategiesNon accidentalConsistantly achieving predetermind goal through artoBefore a public audiencePublic influencePublicness of electronic ageoAt a specific occasionSituated formsIn physical Presence of othersoIn order to transform some aspect of a problematic situationMore than address of concernMore than changing a beliefSeeks to change an aspect of the natural or social environment oBy encouraging new forms of thought and actionTransforms environment via other peoples attitudesIndirect form of actionChanges thought and actionGoalresolving shared problemThe PublicoA Group of people who participate in and adhere to the decision of a common deliberative forumThe Open SocietyoThe degree to which any public allows criticism and free inquiry about matters of controversyWorld of persuasionTraining in how and how not to be persuaded
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