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Communication Studies
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CMST 2064

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1212013Characteristics of Small GroupsSmall number of groupsLimited to about 15 peopleInteractionCommon purpose goalCommon experiencesInterdependentPsychological BondAdvantagesDisadvantagessuperior resourcesconflict stimulate creativitypeople conflictsmore learningtime consumingbetter group satisfactionbetter understanding of selfPrimary Groupssole purpose of fellowshipfulfill basic need of belongingSecondary Groupsstaskorientedlimited lifespanTypes of secondary groupsproblemsolving groupsdecisionmaking groupsstudy groupstherapy groupscommittees1232014Characteristics of an effective groupclear elevating groupthe most significant goalcompetent membersunified commitmentcollaborative climatemust be supportive and productiveclear standards of excellencesets standards for what is effectiveprincipled leadershave leadership responsibilitesWhat to avoid in groupsdistrust of other team membersfear conflictlack of commitment to teamCharacteristics of an effective group memberexperiencedealing with people on the taskproblem solving abilitydecisiveopenness and supportivenessaction oriented see what needs to be done and does itpositive personal styleeasy to work with and likable personDialecticsrelational dialecticswithin relationships there is a push and pull for two opposite needsex autonomy vs connectiongroup dialecticsconflict vs cohesionconforming vs nonconformingtask vs social dimensionsGroups as Systemssystema group of interconnected parts working together to form a whole in thecontext of a changing environmentThree parts to group systems
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