ECON 2010 Midterm: Econ 2010 Ch.3-6 Homework Good Exam Review for Midterm

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How will this claim affect the supply (not the quantity supplied) of binoculars in tucson stores: supply will not change. How will these developments affect the equilibrium price and quantity of chickens sold in the united. States: equilibrium quantity will increase, but the effect on equilibrium price is unknown. These already include household purchases of durable goods, so those would not be counted again. This is the sum of residential construction () plus business fixed investment () plus inventory investment (change in stocks over the year, or ). Sales of existing homes and apartments are not counted in investment or. Government payments to retirees are transfers and are not counted. Net exports equal exports () minus imports (). Gdp is the sum of the four components: + + + = ,050: the nation of potchatoonie produces hockey pucks, cases of root beer, and sandals.

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