ENGL 2029 : Midterm Review

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15 Mar 2019

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Drama a play written in prose or verse that tells a story through dialogue and actions performed by actors impersonating the characters of a story. It is an imitation of an action (mimesis) Purpose of drama to entertain and/or instruct. Drama imitates life it is a mirror of society. Primary ingredients of drama: (may be more/less important in various centuries/cultures) Thought implied by dialogue, words, and action. Note: no narrator to detail inner thoughts instead aside and soliloquy. Spectacle represented by scenery, music, and costume. Elements of drama begins of pg 16 of bedford"s intro to drama. Plot a term for the action of a drama the causal sequence of events. Exposition: an explanation of what happened before the play began and of how the characters. Suspense: builds tension as the play progresses to further develop the rising action. Climax: greatest tension is achieved when a revelation is achieved, usually by chief character(s)

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