Wetlands (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
Environmental Sciences
ENVS 1126

02252014WetlandsWater flow order1Precipitation falls snow meltsWater travels along fluvial rillsFluvialformed by water flowaRillsshallow narrow soil erosion grooves formed in slopes hillsides bmountains by water flowRills merge and empty into larger bodies of water such as creek and streams Creeks and streams merge to form larger and larger rivers Rivers empty into the ocean at the mouth of the river estuaries hereThe MS river is fed by 31 of the 48 contiguous statesSedimentsoil particles sand and other mineral matter eroded from land and carried in 2watersEventually deposited as a layer of solid particles of the bed or bottom of a body of waterWatershed area of LAND ONLY where all of the water that is on it or drains off of it foes 3into the same place also called a drainage basinSurrounded by divides a ridge of land separating distinct watershedsThe Great Divide continental divide that splits North America into 2 watersheds east and westLouisiana has 12 smaller watershedsDrainage Basin the watershed land AND the rivers streams that drain from it4Wetlanda land area along freshwater inland wetland or salt water coastal wetland in 5which the soils are typically saturated with water all or part of the yearSupplied by surface and groundwaterUsually in areas with low elevation and high water table poorly drainedMajor producers of methane gasContains unique types of soil plants and organisms Inland Wetlandsfound along streams lakes rivers and ponds include bogs marshes 6swamps river overflow landsCoastal Wetlandstypically associated with estuaries7Include mangrove swamps salt marshes bays and lagoonsWetlands along the Great Lakes considered coastal
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