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Environmental Sciences
ENVS 1126
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CHAPTER2REVIEWQUESTIONSst1Chinas economy is one of the largest of the 21 century however Chinas environment is currently severely damagedSeven of the top ten most polluted cities in the world are in ChinaChinas Ministry of Environmental Protection has been unsuccessful in enforcing its laws due to the countrys size2Problems that decline include issues that are immediately addressedProblems that increase and then decline include issues that must first become bad enough for it to be apparent that it needs to be resolvedProblems that only increase are due to increased economic activity with no end in sight3Capitalist economic system the means of production are owned by private individualsSocialist economic system production is controlled by the governmentMixed economic system production is partly controlled by private individuals and their companies and partly controlled by the government4The World Trade Organization is an organization established for global tradeRecently however the World Trade Organization has become increasingly globalized and has become a very dominant force in the world5A sustainable economy should try to improve human wellbeing preserve and value ecosystem services and goods and using technologies to reduce pollution and more efficient energy usage6Produced capital anything humanmade that is essential to the production of economic goods and servicesNatural capital any goods and services supplied by natural ecosystems and mineral resourcesIntangible capital intangible capital can be divided into three groupsHuman capital the population and its physical psychological and cultural attributesSocial capital the social and political environment that people createKnowledge assets knowledge that can readily be transferred through space and time
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