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Louisiana State University
Environmental Sciences
ENVS 1126

Chapter13 Combiningchemicaltreatmentandecologicalcontroltomanagepestsisknown asintegratedpestmanagementHerbicides would be most useful in combating weeds that infect our agricultural fieldsInsecticides would be most useful in combating mosquitoes that spread malariaChlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides such as DDT are noteworthy because of their persistence in the environmentDDT saved millions of lives by controlling diseasecausing insectsInsecticides vary in their toxicity to mammalsA pesticide biomagnifies in the food chain as follows planktonyellow perchdoublecrested cormorant Which organism will have the highest concentration of the pesticide in its tissuesAnswer doublecrested cormorantBioaccumulation refers to the accumulation of small amounts of a substance within an individual organismBiomagnification refers to the compounding of accumulation through a food chainDDT is still used today in many parts of Africa to help control malariaThe evolution of pesticide resistance resurgence and secondarypest outbreaks are only some of the problems that result from reliance on pesticides creating a neverending pesticide treadmill requiring new pestfighting strategiesPesticide exposure has been clearly linked to cancer neurological disorders and infertilityMost organisms accumulate synthetic organic chemicals in their bodies because these chemicals cannot be broken down by the natural metabolic mechanismsFirst published in 1962 the book Silent Spring helped to establish modern environmental movementIf you are concerned about consuming pesticides in the food you eat you have the option of purchasing food certified organic by the US Department of AgricultureIntegrated pest management focuses on maintaining crop damage below the economic threshold using preventative techniquesWhich one of the following is classified as a reducedrisk pesticideAnswer Mimic a synthetic variation of ecdysoneToday regulations for pesticide use on foods apply to raw and processed foods equally
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