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Environmental Sciences
ENVS 1126
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Test 1 study guideLecture 1CHAPTER 1Science and the Environment Environmental science obranch of science that seeks to understand how the environment supports human life and what human life is doing to the environment oSeeks to understand issues and find solutionsoIs multidisciplinary and draws from all of the sciencesPlanetary statusoBeing rapidly overpopulated by us biped species of moderate intelligenceoLandscape alterations due to Technology oGlobal climate changeoLoss of biodiversityHuman pop growthoGrows 77 million people per oIncreasing population and consumption per person is straining vital resourcesIndicators of decline in ecosystemsoDepleted fresh water suppliesoAgriculture soil degradedoOceans overfishedoForests cut faster than they can growGlobal atmospheric changesoOver last 100 years temp has increased by 62 degrees celciousLoss of BiodiversityoTotal diversity of things plants animalsand microbes that inhabit the plantoWe have alters 47 of earths land surface over last 150 yearsoLoosing 4000 species per yearSustainable solutionssocially okeconomically ok ecologically okSustainabilityA system is sustainable if it can continue indefinitely without depleting anything required to keep it goingoSustainable developmentform of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needsoSustainable ecosystemsnatural systems that persist over time by recycling maintaining diversity and using the suns energyoSustainable societyone that is in balance with the natural world continuing for generationsEquityoPresent needs are met and future generations are seen as equally deserving as tjose living nowStewardship oThe actions and programs that manage natural resources and human well being for the common goodoWe do not own the environment but are responsible for maintaining and caring for the environment in present and future for our future generations who will always depend on itSound scienceoDatameasurableoTheoriesexplanations of how things work in the natural worldoPrinciplesuniformity of natureScience is a body of knowledge and a method of acquiring further knowledge about the world around us Scientific MethodoScientific knowledge gained through deliberate observationmeasurement with leads to hypothesis which are then tested by experiments
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