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Chap6 Notes

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FIN 3351

Chapter 06Forecasting Ownership Benefits and Value Market ResearchChapter 06 Forecasting Ownership Benefits and Value Market Research Answer Key Multiple Choice Questions1 Real estate market research is an important process used by analysts to facilitate a better understanding of a propertys future profit potential All of the following statements regarding market research are true EXCEPT A Real estate market research should always be flexible since the research depends directly on the problem at handB Most data about general real estate is relevant to a given market studyC Most important data for a given market study often is not publicly availableD Market research should focus specifically on market segments for the property involved rather than on the aggregate real estate market2 A popular adage in real estate is that property value is all about location location location However for most property types in nonresidential realms nonlocational requirements are equally or even more important All of the following are examples of nonlocational factors EXCEPT A Floor plate sizeB Amount of parkingC Nature of current tenantsD Proximity to modes of public transportation 3 Preferences of households can vary with time prosperity and context The nuances in the preferences or needs of market subgroups are commonly referred to as A market segmentationB market parametersC market projectionD market cycles 4 Professor James Graaskamp often asserted that when one buys real estate what one is buying is a set of assumptions about the future Therefore it is not surprising that the beginning point of the market research process is to A collect relevant data to examine the market and test initial definitionsB evaluate the results of market analysisC construct a marketdefining storyD refine market definitions and collect additional data61
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