GEOG 1001 : Geography Exam 1 Study Guide

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15 Mar 2019

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Geography- the study of the physical features of earth and its atmosphere, the spatial organization and distribution of human activities, and the complex interrelationships between people and the natural and human-made environments in which they live. Regions- a large territory that encompasses many places, all or most of which share similar attributes in comparison with the attributes of places elsewhere. Place- specific geographic setting with distinctive physical, social, and cultural attributes. Globalization- increasing interconnectedness of different parts of the world through common processes of economic, environmental, political, and cultural change. System- set of elements linked together so that changes in one element often result in changes in another. Interdependence- regions affect and are affected by each other. Change- requirement of today"s regions to constantly adapt in order to respond to current situations. Regionalization- strong feelings of collective identity shared by religious or ethnic groups that are concentrated within a particular region. Weather- instantaneous or immediate state of the atmosphere.

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