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15 Mar 2019

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Pronounced high-pressure systems develop over syberia in winter, bringing clear skies and calm air: average january temperatures in verkhoyansk, a mining center in the middle of this high-pressure area, hover around -50 degrees celsius (-58 degrees. Fahrenheit): long and intense winters mean that the subsoil is permanently frozen a condition known as permafrost in more than two-thirds of the russian. Milder winters mean that, as growing seasons become longer and precipitation patterns change, it is becoming possible to use lands for agricultural purposes that previously have been inhospitable for too much of the year. Arctic sea ice levels are at their lowest since records have been kept. Models and projections based on current trends suggest that the arctic ocean will be free of summer ice sometime between 2030 and 2080. Germany: lake baykal 30,500 square kilometer (11, 775 square miles); depth of 1,615 meters (5300 feet, tundra, taiga, mixed forest, steppe, semidesert, desert.

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