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Geog Exam 1 Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
GEOG 1001

Study Guide for Geog 1001 Exam 1Format Multiple ChoiceTF 40 questions LARGE SCANTRONUnderstand the meaningdefinition of the following terms and be able to apply them to appropriate situationsplaces Review examples cited in classIntroductionRegionsan area defined by uniform characteristicsVernacular Regionvague cognitive borders used by the public to refer to a general area people defining their region combination of traits real or imagined Acadian defined by a public ex the SouthFormal Regiondistinct boundaries constructed using one specific trait Mississippi riverFunctional Regionbased on a certain activity or organization parish5 traditions of geographylocation place society and environment hazard perceptionearthquakes tornadoes hurricane movement and regionsLecture Key Terms and ConceptsGlobalizationincreasing interconnectedness of people and places through converging processes of economic political and cultural change how places remain distinct more interconnected and interdependent Examples of converging currents of globalizationglobal communication Skype facetime global transportation planes trains cars powerful transnational corporations and financial institutions china international free trade agreement NAFTA market economies and privatization homogenous global consumer culture Chain restaurants or stores economic inequity disparities Be able to identify proglobalization and antiglobalizationProglobalization Stance 6 examplesLogical expression of modern international capitalism Economic system wealth and means of producing wealth are privately owned and controlled rather than public or state controlledNew wealth will trickle down from rich to poor from countries and individuals Will spread benefits of new ideas and technologies Countries can produce goods best suited Need to attract capital from abroad will force countries to adopt sound economic policies Worlds poor countries will catch up to rich onesCritics of Globalization 4 examplesNot natural economic policy promoted by core countries results in inequities between haves and have nots not playing by the rules Promotes freemarket exportoriented economies at expense of localized sustainable economiesFree market economic model promoted for developing countries is not the one that Western industrial countries used for their own development Encourages bubble economies housing crisisPopulation IndicatorsRate of natural increase RNIannual growth rate for a country or region expressed as a percentage increase or decrease equals the number of births minus the number of deaths excludes migration worlds average is 12yearTotal fertility rate TFRthe average number of children born by a statistically average woman worlds TFR is 27 but ranges from 15 Europe to 50 Africa 21 is the baselineCrude birth rate CBRthe gross number of births divided by the total population giving a figure per 1000 of the population worlds CBR is 211000Crude death rate CDRthe gross number of deaths divided by the total population producing a figure per 1000 of the population world CDR is 91000Young and Old Populations Percentage of population under 15 years old global average is 30 low is 17 Europe high if 42 Africa high numbers indicates great potential for future growth Percentage of population over 65 years old identifies need for health care and other social servicesLife expectancyaverage number of years a person is expected to livePopulation pyramidgraphically represent age and gender distribution of a population read from the base then up
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