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Europe Lecture Notes

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Europe Thursday February 09 2012PHYSICALGEOGRAPHY Europe is much smaller in land area that North America but their population is largerThe proximity to the sea serves to amplify trades like fishingIn Europe they are far north but they are also near the water therefore this makes the climatemilderMuch of Europe is made up of wide flat plains that are good for farmingThe European lowland is something that stretches from the eastern part of the United Kingdom all the way to PolandThere are very significant mountain ranges throughout EuropeThe Alps for example HUMANGEOGRAPHY There are roughly 530 million peopleThe Europe that we know today is a relatively recent creation in terms of its political boundaries It has gone from large empires to small nation statesEuropes population spread is still linked to the Industrial Revolution HISTORYOFEUROPEEurope traces their cultural routes to the Greeks and RomansThey inspired the notion of private property and colonizing more landWhen the Romans would conquer towns through military ways they wou
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