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Exam 3 Review Questions(With Answers)

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GEOG 1001
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Exam 3 Review Questions with correct answers1 What was the Columbian Exchangethe effects the discovery of the New World had on Europe the Americas andAfrica concerning people and goods2 Which choice best describes BrasiliaBrasilia became the capital of Brazil after Rio de Janeir and is a geographically neutral city3 The Ogallala Aquifer is a manmade underground water supply true or falseFalse the Ogallala Aquifer was created during the last ice age and irrigates 20 of US crops4 True or False Sao Paulo is a primate city and a megacityFalse Sao Paulo is a megacity but not a primate city 5 True or False The Treaty of Tordesillas divided Latin America between Spain and PortugalTrue 6 Which of the following is one of the stages of the evolution of the North American Citysta 1 stage 16001750sb the Fall Linec street car suburbsd the Columbian Exchange7 What percentage of people in Canada live within 100 miles of the US90
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