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The Caribbean Notes

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GEOG 1001
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The CaribbeanLearning ObjectivesExplain the historical and cultural linkages that define the cultural economic and political boundaries of this complex regionExamine the role primary commodities and tourism how its good and bad play in the Caribbean economyDiscuss the relationships between the Caribbean and the rest of the Western Hemisphere especially Latin America and the United StatesExamine the everyday realities of the Caribbean peopledifficulties Population IndicatorsRegion is growingCuba is largestLots of Migration Setting the Boundaries26 countries and dependent territoriesCaribbean Islands Belize Central America and the Guianas Guyana SurinameFrench Guiana in South AmericaIsland ProximityContributes to cultural diversity limited or dependent economic opportunitytransnationalism Caribbean SeaConnects the islands and peopleMarine resourcesFish green turtle lobster crabDepleting the resources in the areaDivision of CaribbeanGreater AntillesThe Big 4Hispaniola HaitiDR PR Cuba JamaicaLesser Antilles Double arcInner Volcanic Outer Limestone Antigua Barbuda BarbadosThe RimlandBelize Guianas SurinameMontserratActive Volcano 1995British ColonyMore Eruptions in 1997Ash was about 1 story thickFew govt buildings and houses reestablished in NW cornerEnvironmental IssuesDeforestationDue to sugar caneneeded to clear the forest for land to grow sugar caneHaitiRimland Forest and Coastal ManagementFailed Urban InfrastructureWater QualityQuantitySewagewaste disposalGets pushed to the side because of tourism VegetationTropical ForestsTropical SavannasMangrove SwampsPopulation and SettlementGreater AntillesHigh Densities86Rimland Statessparsely settledFertility Decline
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