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RussiaRussia Ukraine Belarus Moldova Georgia Armeniao Worlds largest economy Continental climates have wide annual temp rangesoWater bodies help to stabilize air temperaturesoMost of the region 5070 degrees oSiberia is makes up 77 of Russias land 30 of its population oGreater temperature extremes due to lack of large bodies of waterUral MountainsoN Kazakhstan to Artic OceanoActs as the natural boundary between Europe and AsiaoHighly erodedexposed mineral wealthSiberiaoE of Urals N Kazakhstan Mongolia and ChinaoMakes up 77 of Russias landoUnderlain by permafrost 312 so it is unstable and seasonally frozen ground oWarming of climates may thaw large areas releasing additional carbon into atmosphereEnvironmental DegradationoChernobyl1986 Ukraine suffered catastrophic meltdown of Chernobyl plantContaminated fertile agricultural lands and rendered about 20 of nation unhealthyContinued for 16 days and is considered the worlds worst nuclear accident oPrypiat Ukraine could be same place as aboveFounded in 1970 to house Chernobyl Power Plant workersAbandoned in 1986oAral SeaShrinking and causing dust and particles to travel through the air and infect neighboring cities causing anemia and throat cancereffects seen most in KarakalpakstanoRebirth IslandHome to soviet bioweaponsNow is a peninsula dangerous to animals that can walk upon it and become infected Population and SettlementoEuropean CoreHighly urbanized Home to the largest industrial complexes biggest cities and most productive farmsoDemographic CrisisPyramid of 2000Few children added Birth crash in WWIICrisis in older males WWII causalities Pyramid of 2050Pattern of small familiesRussias most acute problem Stabilize rates for menToxic environment
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