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GEOG 1001

9313where mattersGeoGraphy earthwritingunderstandingSpatial Variationhow things differ from place to place across the earthhow people make the world into their homeochange abstract space into distinct and meaningful places unique and loaded with meaning and symbolismocultural imprintsohow we modify and interact with our environment to make cultural landscapesCultural Landscapeunique everywhere and similar in many ways across different placesoWorks to unify similarities but also to divide differences and disagreementsLinks physical and social sciences only discipline in schooloWhether we study natural phenomenon or human creation we are guided by spatial perspective and interest in understanding the world in spatial termsIf historians study change over time geographers study change across place and spaceGeography is more than memorizing state capitalsNot just interested in wherespatial variation but also in explanation for those variationsoConnections and interactions between those different places why and howoHow and why things are where they areoWhat that means for the world we all shareMany geographers travel the world to do all their research and some stay and do their research at homeTravel is an important part of geography because it is a good way of getting to know another placeHow can we get to know another placeoResearchoTraveloTalk to people from thereoDigital mediaoNewsoMovies and tvDocumentariesFictional moviesoFoodoMusicoBooks and classical researchoTourism and living thereHow do we assess the quality of that informationoNeed to be critical because every website is not always rightWhere do these images come fromWho put them out there and whyWhy do they want to show that of their own place or another placeAssess these images to learn their ways of thinking and their ways of doing thingsGetting beyond that our way of doing things is the only way5 Motivations that people have for looking at other culturesoCuriositytourism exploration science new speciesoEconomicalPoliticalmoney gold resources power colonialism most important forces in transforming the way humans live in the worldoReligiousmissionaries crusades to bring the world of own religion to those of another converting others oImprovementHelpingsecular missionary work peace corps doctors without borders medical help earthquake relief schools teaching English building dams very strong motivation for hundreds of yearsoFantasyplaces are a source of fantasy Tales of the Lost City of Atlantis Seven Cities of Gold Paradise can equally be motivated by fantasyNew Zealand for the Lord of the Rings egNeed to place our way in the context of other peoples ways of understanding the worldMay think it is the best way but it may not be the best wayWe have a tendency to divide the world into US and THEM and it can be poisonousoGreeks EG US and BARBARIANS and eventually it came to mean rough low inferior badoUS is more importantbetter than THEMoSee how Europeans inherited the USTHEM ideas from the GreeksoSee what happens when we impose those ideas on another placeoIdeas still linger very stronglyRegions not the same as continents for similaritiesoDefined by physical and human features and by the interaction of the 2oEach region has transition zones and boundariesoWe know from experience that the sharp regional boundaries there is not a real distinct but a blurred line between cultural regionsoStudy regions separately but there is really a blurring between boundariesoUnstable borders may look stable but is notChange and move all the time because geography is always changingLike AM is now part of the SECthMost of the boundaries on her map are from the 19 century recent thcreations some from late 20 centuryLargest influence on shifting of borders is European colonialismHave also seen at end of cold war when the Berlin wall fell and
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