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Unit 2 Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
GEOG 1001

Study Guide Exam 2 Geography 1001 Section 1 Spring 2014 Dr Dydia DeLyser Mediterranean climate Continental climates peninsula Gulf Stream Feudalism middle age system based on knights who defend farmers who farm their land The knights became the aristocracyColonialism and the relationships between mother countries and colonies The exploitation of the resources and labor of another country through coercion and force The colonies supplied raw materials and served as markets for finished goods from the mother country4 steps of colonization force economic control legitimacy introduce the European modelIndustrial Revolution and its relationships to colonialism and Europe Lead by Great Britain Great agricultural surplus freed up labor Rise of the merchant class Colonies provided resources and cheap labor Brought greater military strength British Empire British colonial trade policy and the opium trade Nation cultural entity Can be more than one nation in a stateState Political entity with territorial boundaries recognized by other states Nationstate Relatively homogeneous cultural group with its own fully independent political territorySupranationalism MultinaturalMultistate unions Example E
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