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Class Notes Test 3 (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
GEOG 1001

Geography10011InfoforTest3ThursdayOctober14RussiaCSI The Great Experiment Communism Chapter 9October 5Historical Geography of Russia oLargest connected country in the world It consists of 11 time zones oFt Ross in California was at once Ft Russ Alaska was purchased from Russian Tsarist Russia know map on pg 406Russian term for Caesar or ruler the authoritarian rulers of Russia empire before its collapse in the 1917 Revolution oMonarchs with more power than most kings and queens that expanded east ward It was unlike the empires of Britain because it had colonial empires connected with Tsars oTheir empire included agricultural regions rich minerals in the east and people who were very different from those who started the country in the Russian core It was a diverse empire very connected They had a superior military and with very little investment oThey moved workers into dominated an area In many places in their colonial empire Russians were outnumbered because of these workers There were over 100 different nationalities in their empire Under the Tsars people lived as aristocrats with wealth Russification SU policy designed to spread Russian settlers and influences to nonRussian areas oCatherine the Great pg 407 followed Peter the Great She wore expensive clothing for her coronation She had a new crown made for her to wear with a robe that included over 4000 animal skins Her crown had over 5000 diamonds with 76 pearls in each arch and a 415 cart ruby topped with a cross She ruled from 17621796 and expanded imperial influences over portions of southern Russia Ukraine and the warm water coastline of the Black Sea oNearly half of the Russian population lived in dire poverty Not everyone was as wealthy Those who lived in poverty were serfs They lived in serfdom Serfdom in Russia was not based on ethnicity or race Serfs were not commodities that could be bought and a sold by their owners rather they were tied to the live they lived on If the land was sold the serfs came with it It was created to keep peasants from moving and landlords from stealing the others laborers Serfs had no value and were treated terribly by the people who owned the land that they were tied to It is similar to slavery but not identical Each had their own garden plot that they could work for their personal familiesSerfs were not educated and couldnt read on purpose To get married they had to have permission from their landlords Serfs lived under feudalism The vast majority of the population still remained living in poverty There was not a lot of progressive reform Russian did not embrace democracy Things had become so bad that it thwas time for a Revolution in the early 20 C oCommunism Workers united will create a classless peaceful society without national identities branch of broader socialist movement ultimate expression of socialism oCommunism was developed by Carl Marx and F Engels This was the new form of Revolution accepted in Russia The workers who worked for the profits should receive the goods and money they had worked for One of the central tenants from Marx is From each according to
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