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Geography Notes Test 2 (got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
GEOG 1001

Geography Notes 21114EuropeEurope is smaller in land area than the US and Canada but has a larger population 530 million vs 300 millionIt is not just a blob of a land mass but a ton of peninsulas that stick out into the sea Therefore the climate is milder than it normally would be at that latitudeThe access to water is historically important because sailing was once the main form of transportation so things were easily moved to and from Europe Marine westcoast climate is common in Europe And climatewise they are productive agriculturally and for human existencePyrenees mountains in EuropeFjords deep valley in EuropeThe Pyrenees and Fjords are beautiful scenic places in EuropePopulation has a geography and as you would expect it is dense where the climate is good elevation is normal and agriculture produces easily The country boundaries that we look at now in Europe were not always there Vast empires used to take up most of EuropeCultures of Greeks and Romans influenced many European traditions like art science and philosophy Also private property and the practice of colonizing new landTo colonize new land Europeans would conquer the area build plantation farms and towns then send in people to live thereSpain Portugal and Great Britain then started using this technique about 1000 years later Europeans were so successful that basically every part of the world has influences from Europe Mercantilism economic policy or idea that says a country can increase their wealth and power by acquiring colonies with human and natural resources and by managing all aspects of production transportation and trade to their own advantageMercantilism was used between Europe and its colonies from 16001800Europeans used mercantilism to gain silver and gold and foreign trade in the acquisition of colonies would lead to colonialismMonopoly Trade countries could only trade with one European country which would strengthen Europe Colony a usually distant land acquired by a more powerful country for economic gainColonialism the exploitation of the resources and labor of another country through coercion forceColonies would supply resources to the mother countries and in return colonies would serve as markets for the goods manufactured in Europe This was almost a perfect sense of exploitation for the mother countries4 Ways Europe Was Able To Colonize The World Coercion Force1 military power in Europe was superior to other countries at this time 2 Economic Controlwould ensure dependency of the colony on the mother country the colonycannot trade with anyone except mother country3winning the support of the local people by coopting them and Legitimizing Colonial Rulegiving grants of land to powerful and important people giving key people important jobs allowing people who cooperated to have better goods granted key people a European education4 Introducing Civilization brought in change that would transform the colonies economically politically and culturally Introducing a European model of civilization keeping the market of the local economy stable Brought European style everything to new colonies and transformed them to a European style Colonies were forced to pay taxes which was not popular then but taxation was a big part of colonial exploitation
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