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Geography Test 1 Notes Completed

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GEOG 1001
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Geography 1001Notes 1 Knowing OthersoWhere mattersoGeography earthwritingoGeography Understanding the world or describing the EarthThe study of spatial variation How and why things are different in different placesAlways guided by spatial variation Geographers focus on space and place because where something happens is important oHow people make the world into their homeHow people modify and interact with our environment in order to create cultural landscapesoCultural landscapesThe visible material expression of human occupation with the environment in the past and present These are unique everywhere in the world but there are similarities These are what we can see about culture and human interaction in the environmentWorks to unify and bring us together but also works to divide and push us apartoGeography links physical and social sciences oSpatial perspective Geographers are guided by spatial perspective and their interest in understanding the world in spatial termsThey study different spaces instead of just studying timeoHow and why things are the way they are and what that means for the world we all shareTravel and what we can learn from travel are important parts of geography and always have beenTravel is one way to get to know a place but its not the only wayoHow can we know another placeResearchTravel Live thereTourist Have a friend from a diff placeDigital media websitesetcNewsMoviesTVDocumentariesStory that happens to take place in that place but it may not be trueIf a movie is really filmed there then you can learn a lot by seeing what it looks likeFood MusicClasses There are a lot of different ways to understand different parts of the world oHow do we assess all the information we are receiving Every website is not always rightHave to learn to be critical whats on the internet Think about why these people are putting things on the internet about different countrys So we can understand how other people do things and to know that our way is NOT the only wayo5 Motivations that people have or have had to trying to understand other cultures1Curiosity Exploration is about curiosity and scientific research Science has been the core of these motivations to explore the world and to see these other places2EconomicPoliticalDesire for money resources and powerColonialism is the most influential aspect of this around the world3ReligiousMissionaries Mission tripsThe CrusadesTo bring the word of our own religion to othersTo convert them to our religion 4ImproveHelpSecular missionary work wo religious motivationHelping teach English5FantasySource of fantasy Tales of the Lost City of AtlantisParadise Places are a strong draw for fantasyWe can trace in part the idea that my way is the best way to the Ancient Greeksthey divided the map of the world into us and them barbarian
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