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North America Notes For The Final

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NORTH AMERICA Latitude and topography are critical factorsNA contains the second and third largest countries US and CanadaPopulation 300 million US 33 million Canada83 of dwellers live in urban settingsMegalopolis Cities with own identities but cant tell when one city stops and the other beginsNavigable waterways excellent soilsClimate is good for products fossil fuels lumber animalswhile NAs consumer a lot of resources they also pump out as muchUS generates 5x more hazardous waste than the EULegacy destroyed vibrant nature civilizationsAffluence is not shared but we think it is19 of Americans think theyre in the top 1We think were more wealthy than we actually areSocial economic gap between rich and poor is widening we have the largest gap on record currentlypoverty in inner city urban and some rural areas south and southwestThis is linked to health care education some racial determination black latinoThe number of millionaires has skyrocketed44 million were living below poverty lineRich and poor remain separate in livesAgriculture was dominant at one timeindustrialization made it drop1880 agri at 50 of american labor forcenow its less than 2however the US is still understood to be agriculturalAfter WWII farming dropped and land was bought off by companiesgovtmachinery does a lot of the labor and can farm larger farmsenters a cycle of buying biggerbetter machineryTherefore less individual farmersoutput is still at its peak howeverAgri is still dominant land use no subsistence highly specialized high yields and transportation260 billion income in farmingsome so efficient in California accounts for 10 of entire US region Not all is for food corn for ethanol soy for animalsSectoral Transformation
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