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Exam 3 Study Guide And Notes (got 94% in the course)

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Physical GeographyLargest Country9 different time zones140 million peopleLargest political and Social experimentoCommunismRussia under the CzarsFrom CaesarExpanded empire east instead of coloniesoall the way across Siberia to the Pacificoimportant agricultural regions Ukraineomineral deposits SiberiaoSilk roadomany culturally and ethnically different areas Invested very little into conquered regionsmoved ethnic russians into conquered regions largest continuous empireo100 different nationalitiesforced to learn RussianExpanded eastward to Alaska and down the western coast of North AmericaWealth in jewelsonew crown for each czar or czarinaSerfdom1600s1860snot ethnically or racially basedoeven ethnic russians became serfsnot treated as commoditiesnot bought or soldtied to the land they worked onDesigned to keep peasants from moving and to prevent landlords from stealing each others laborLandlords treated serfs terriblyono official valueSerfs were uneducated and illiterateThey could not marry without permissionResulted in a rural illiterate and poor populationNo progressive political reformPolitical ChangeBeginning of the 20th centuryIdealism because of the possibility promised by new governmentocommunismCreated by Karl Marx and Fredrik Engelsmeans of production should be owned by the workers From each according to his ability To each according to his needIdeas were compelling all over the worldRevolutionaries led by Vladimir LeninoBolsheviksmajorityoStorming of the winter palace in St Petersburg in 1917oBirth of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic in 1924oOptimismeverything would be fairNew WorldNames of cities changedoSt PetersburgPetrogradLeningradPeople changed their namesoAfter people ideas and holidaysMay 1International Workers dayEverything changedHad to go from Feudalism to Industry as fast as possibleCommand economyCentrally planned economyoCommunist government held all the powerall production and distributionno supply and demandoHigh ranking communist members make all decisionso1 party system 5 year plansoevery government decision and all productionospread development fairly across the country ono advertisingbillboards instilled communist ideasminimum well beingoeducation employment healthcare housingosafety netonobody could attain real financial successPeople began to take advantage of the systemowhy should i work hard for youcollapse in 1991StalinEarly ideas of communism died in struggle for powerJoseph Stalin took over after Lenins deathoOriginal name didnt sound RussianMuch more of a tyrant No free pressoIf you spoke out against the government you diedeven members of the communist party who were suspectedForced labor campsGulags in Siberia Entire ethnic groups were forced to move to other parts of the Soviet UnionoDestabilize them3060 million died during Soviet terror
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