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TEST 2 EuropeEurope is a smaller region than the US and Canada More densely populatedHas a series of peninsulas oSignificant climate wise because the moderately influence of ocean oThis means they have a milder climate than it normally would be at its high latitude oAccess to the water was important because historically sailing was how they transported oMarine west coast climate cold winters not arctic cold warm summers but not extremely hot warm ocean current Maritime mid latitude climate oSouthern Climate Mediterranean climate named for access to the Mediterranean sea hot summers and dry doesnt rain in the summer Good for groups fertile Olivesand other agriculture Vast mostly flat planeoEuropean lowland oStretches across Europe oIs excellent for agriculture Pyrenees mountains borderoSeparate France and Spain Fjords a deep valley that the oceans go into The densest populate is in the lowland and Mediterranean region Industrial core of Europe has a lot of people living there Over a 100 year span boundaries in Europe have changed overtime and recently oAfter world wars and cold waroThe boundaries were not always that way oGreat great grandparents wouldve leaved somewhere with a different nameEuropean cultures get their roots from the Greeks and Romans oInspires European traditions In artSciencePhilosophyoLearned Private PropertyoPractice of colonizing new land In ancient Rome they had a strong military and would conquer an area they would secure that control and put large plantation farms and build towns and send in Romans to live there oThis was later used in Spain Portugal and great Britain oChiefly in the new world and all over the worldoSome use the same practice 1000 years laterHow is it possible that Europe smaller in land than North America basically took over the worldoBegan with mercantilismeconomic policy idea that countries can increase their wealth and power by acquiring colonies with human and natural resources and by managing all aspects of production transportation and trade to their own advantageoLead to colonialism oThis was of enriching yourself governed trade between Europe and its colonies between 15001800
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