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Exam 1 Study Guide And Notes

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Louisiana State University
GEOG 1001

Knowing Others January 21Where mattersoAlot of other places are less well off than the United StatesPoorer CountriesoWe study the decisions that they makeGeographyoEarth WritingSpatial VariationoHow and why things differ from place to placeNatural phenomenon versus Human creationHow people make the world into their homeoHow people take abstract places and transform them into unique places loaded with symbolismoHow we leave a cultural imprint You know youre in Louisiana whenCultural Landscapesovisible material expression of human settlementpast and present oWhat we see when we go somewherecultureinteractionoWhat does their uniqueness say about their cultureunity or divisionLinks between physical and social sciencesogeology botany biology anthropology history economicsobrings everything into one discipline Guided by spatial perspective ointerest in understanding the world in spatial termsonot just where but in connections and interactions andor lack thereofowhat does that mean for the worldTravelingoHow do you get to know the worldYour own perspectivetourismlive therefamilySomeone elses perspectivereadingresearchin classfilmoconstantly bombarded with images of other peopleplacesculturesbe critical of those imagesWhere do they come fromWhat are they saying5 motivations for learning about other culturesoCuriosityexplorationscienceoEconomicalPoliticalcolonialismgetting resourcesconsolidating poweroReligiouscrusadesmissionary activityoImproveHelpPeace CorpsDoctors Without BordersoFantasyHUGE historicallyPeople searching forAtlantis Cities of GoldParadise on EarthOur way is not the only way and is not always the best wayoAncient Greeks divided the world into us and themthembarbarians123RegionsNot the same as continentsdefined by a combination of physical features human features and the interactions between the tworegional borders are fuzzyoBut we use them as a toolNo region is homogeneousoEven within regions lots of variationGeographies are always in fluxMany borders from 19th and mid 20th centuriesoEuropean ColonizationoBreakup of the Soviet UnionBorders cut across ethnic cultural and national landsoSplit people up who want to be togetheroLump people together whod rather be apartoExamples Scotland independence from Great BritainCanada French vs English speakingSri LankaNorth AfricaIsrael
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