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Chapter 1 Diversity Amid GlobalizationstIGeography for the 21 CenturyAGlobalization a new phase in world history11470s Portuguese were sailing down the coast of Africa to trade gold ivory and slaves beginning of Europes explosion into the world21770s ideas from Enlightenment of the idea of democracy from the American Revolution French Revolution scientific revolution Industrial Revolution invention of steam engine machines powered by machines31870s development of modern business corporations41970s computers and technologyBConverging Currents of Globalization1Economic ReorganizationaGlobal communications link the globe link all regions on the planet instantaneouslybGlobal transportation systems capable of moving goods quickly by air sea landcGlobal corporationsdNew more flexible forms of capital accumulation make 24 hour trading possibleeInternational financial institutions also make 24 hour trading possiblefGlobal free trade agreementsgMarket economies replacing statecontrol economieshPrivatized firms and servicesiNew jobs and occupations linked to globalization2Cultural ChangeaJihad vs McWorldbDevolutionary impulses regional and ethniccReligious fundamentalismdIdentitybased politics cultural revitalization etcIIGeography Matters Environments Regions LandscapesAGeography1Geography as a disciplineold enterprise2Physicalhuman divisionaPhysical geography examines climate landforms soils vegetation and hydrologybHuman geography concentrates on the spatial analysis of economic social and cultural systems3Topicalregional divisionBHumanEnvironmental Interaction1Natures control constraint disruptionsWhere and under what conditions does nature control constrain or disrupt human activities and what kinds of societies are most vulnerable to these environmental influences2Human impacts1
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