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Geo Final Answer Chapter 5 (98% on the test)

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GEOG 1001
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MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question1 Which of the following is NOT a factor that has contributed to deforestation in the Caribbean 1 A provide fuelB population growthC the accidental introduction of exotic caterpillars that killed forests throughout the regionD sugarcane plantationsE commercial harvesting of lumber2 What practice was most responsible for the deforestation of the islands of the Caribbean2 A sugarcane plantation agricultureB subsistence agricultureC urbanizationD suburbanizationE road construction3 Beginning in the seventeenth century the Caribbean forests were removed for all of the following purposes EXCEPT 3 A the export of tropical hardwoodsB fuel for sugar processingC timber for home buildingD ship buildingE to clear land for sugarcane cultivation4 On which island of the Caribbean is nearly 30 percent of the land still forested4 A Puerto RicoB CubaC JamaicaD HaitiE Dominican Republic5 What isthe major threat to the forests in Guyana5 A An exotic species of caterpillar that was accidentally introduced to the region is killing the trees by eating their leaves and laying their eggs in the branchesB The aridity of the region makes the trees prone to forest fires which have increased in number in the last decadeC There has been increased settlement into the region by immigrants from other Caribbean locationsD Since the 1990s the Guyana government has made the wood processing industry a priorityE Climatic changes have led to a substantial decrease in the native tree species in the region6 According to the World Bankpercent of Haitis urban population has access to improved water sources6 A 10B 25C 50D 75E 1007 How much of its original forest cover has Haiti lost7 A none of itB a little of itC half of itD most of itE all of it
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