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Tsar Russian for Caeser authoritarian ruler ofthe Russian empire before its collapse in the 1917 RevolutionCommunist PartyCentrally Planned Economy an economic system in which the state sets production targets and controls all means of productionKarl Marx Marxism political philosophy developed in the 1800s communismVI LeninCommonwealth of Independent States CIS a loose political union of former Soviet republic established in 19992 after the dissolution of the Soviet UnionPrivatization process of moving formerly stateowned firms into the contemporary capitalist private sectorMADJoseph StalinGazprom Russian natural gas company 1194 Russia Inc took away authority of foreign companies in areas such as Sakhalin IslandRussian Federation Glasnost a policy of greater political openness initiated during the 1980s by Soviet president Mikhail GorbachevPerestroika a program of partially implemented planned economic reform undertaken during the Gorbachev years in the Soviet Union designed to make the Soviet economy more efficient and responsive to consumer needsMikhail GorbachevBreakaway region
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