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GEOG 1001 Exam 1 Study Guide

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GEOG 1001
Paul O’ Keefe

GEOGRAPHY 1001 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE Geography The study of the physical features of Earth and its atmosphere The spatial organization and distribution of human activities The complex interrelationships between people and the natural and humanmade environment in which they live Geography means writing earth Greek The most important questions are Why Regions A large territory that encompasses many places Eg Latin America Europe Central Asia etc All or most share similar attributes in comparison with the attributes of places elsewhere Distinct environment social and economic characteristics Sometimes specific to a region Place The unique characteristics of a given location Specific geographic setting with distinctive physical social and cultural attributesGlobalization Increasing interconnectedness of different parts of the world This is through economic environmental political and cultural change Systems A set of elements linked together so that changes in one element often result in changes in another Interdependence Mutual dependence at a global level Eg One country depends on another country for something and that country may depend on another country ExportingImporting Change Planetaryscale changes in Land oceans atmospheres Polar Regions life the planets natural cycles and deep Earth processes
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