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Japan Japan II Korea China

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East AsiaJapanElongated4 Main Islands that make up Japan Northern to Southerno1 Hokkaidoo2 Honshu largesto3 Shikokuo4 KyushuSeveral climates NorthsubarcticSouth subtropicalWestern coast is much rainier with more snow and is called the Dark Side of JapanJapan is known for its forest management and is second only to the country of Finland85 of Japan is mountainsSmall amount of agriculture land is to be found along alluvial planes flood planes water seals soils from mountains or riversAgriculture can be in terraces in mountainsKanto Plane largest plane in North Tokyo only 80 miles wide but is the largestKnown for its tectonic activity three tectonic plates Eurasian Pacific and PhilippineShaken by many earthquakes volcanoes tsunamis most active areas in terms of natural hazardsKanto Earthquake of 1923 most devastating land based earthquake in Tokyo 143000 people killed most died through smoke inhaling in trapped and burning buildings and gas lines exploding throughout the cityKyushu Island 1792Worst volcanic eruption killed 14500 peopleSpring 2011 90 earthquake devastated much of the northern half of the eastern coast of Honshu killed nearly 20000 people was so powerful that it moved the island of Honshu 2 feet to the east and shifted Earths axis by 10 inches considered one of the most powerful ever recordedThe Tokugawa Inheritance 16031867o250 years Japan was a futilemilitary stateoThe state severed all contact with the outside worldoOnly 32 ships landed on the bay 30 Chinese and 2 DutchoJapanese were forbidden to use boats merchants couldnt traveloIf you tried you were beheaded oWesterners were banned and anything western was bannedoAnyone who converted to Christianity was persecuted half a million peopleoThey didnt want the culture to change or to evolveoThey wanted to preserve any existing societyoYukio Mishima ended up killing himself because he believed Japan lost its moral when it decided to change its outlook on money and economical powerShintoism religion cultic devotion to deities of natural forces wind trees etc kami worship Emperor as a descendant son godtho6 century Buddhism is incorporated4 major social groupso1 DaimyoFeudal barons led by Shogun numbered about 3000 people in the Tokugawa FamilyLived between Tokyo Edo and Kyto spiritual capital of JapanShogun lived in KytoEmperor lived in Tokyoo2 SamuraiWarriors on retainerTrained in Confucian traditions of loyalty obedience service and military preparednessAbout 2 milliono3 Peasants
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