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Geography1003HumanGeographyAfricaandAsiaStudy guide for Midterm exam 1thExam to be given Monday February 17Ideographic writing each symbol commonly called a character primarily represents an idea rather than a sound although the symbols can denote sounds in certain circumstances As a result it requires the use of large numbers of distinct symbolsLoess a fine wind deposited sediment that makes fertile soil but is very vulnerable to water erosionSpecial Economic Zones SEZs relatively small districts in China that have been fully opened to global capitalismthSphere of influence in countries not formally colonized in the 19 and thearly 20 centuries particularly China and Iran limited areas called spheres of influence were gained by particular European countries for trade purposes and more generally for economic exploitation and political manipulationLingua franca an agreed upon common language to facilitate communication on specific topics such as international business politics sports or entertainmentKhmer Rouge literally Red or communist Cambodians The leftwing insurgent group led by Frencheducated Marxists rebelled against the royal Cambodian government in the early 1960s and again in a peasants revolt in 1967Transmigration the planned government sponsored relocation of people from one area to another within a state territoryDescribe the four seasons of the year and where on the earth the maximum solar energy per unit area is falling during those seasons thSlides and notes for January 17ThisiswhatmakestheseasonsthedirectnessorindirectnessofsolarenergyhittingagivenpointontheearthssurfaceThedirectnessofsolarenergychangesastheearthgoesaroundthesuneachyearIntheNorthernHemispherethemaximumsolarinputhappensonthesummersolsticewhileintheSouthernHemispherethemaximumcomesonthewintersolsticeWithinthetropicssolarenergythroughtheyearfollowsamorecomplexpatternandtheoverallamountofsolarinputislargerForexampleattheequatortherearetwosolarmaximumseachyearattheSpringandFallEquinoxesandtwosolarminimumstheSummerandWinterSolsticesDescribe where on the earth low air pressure and heavy precipitation is common and where high pressure and little precipitation is common thSlides and notes for January 17AroundtheequatorthisrisingwetairkeepsthetemperaturehotanddropsalotofrainbacktoearthallyearlongItalsocreateslowprevailingairpressureasthehotairrisesandmovesandoutwardstothenorthandsouthfromtheequatorAsthishotrisingairmovesawayfromtheequatorandbeginstocooloffanddescenditdriesoutasitsmoisturefallsbacktoearthasprecipitationThisfallingcoolingdryairgetstothesurfacearoundtheedgeofthetropicswhereitcreatesanareaofprevailinghighairpressureUnderstand that levels of solar energy input air pressure and precipitation move north and south with the seasons Also understand how the InterTropical Convergence Zone ITCZ moves with the seasons and what effect it has on the weather See your notes for thJanuary 17 and the slides for that dayHadleycellsproducewethotlowpressureweatherattheInterTropicalConvergenceZoneITCZorthepointwhereairrisesverticallyandmovesnorthandsouthduetoconvectionAsthepointofmaximumsolarenergymoveswiththeseasonstheITCZshiftsnorthandsouthRegionsofdryhighpressureweatherexisttothenorthandsouthoftheITCZastheairrisingfromthepointofmaximumsolarenergysinksbacktoearthThesedryhighpressureairmassesarethemainreasonwhytherearelargedesertsinplacesliketheSaharatheArabianPeninsulaandNorthernAustraliaTheyrealwaysgettingthisdryhighpressureairfallingdownonthemfromtheHadleycellsoriginatingattheITCZInthetemperateandarcticzonestheaverageamountofsolarenergyhittingtheearthssurfaceislessInthesepartsoftheworldtherearealsocirculatingairmassesredistributingsolarenergytowardsthepolesAnothercomplicationtoclimateistheearthsdailyrotationThisspinningproducestheCorioliseffectorCoriolisforcewhichmakeswindsandcurrentsappeartocurveastheymoveacrosstheearthssurfaceLow
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