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Study Guide For Midterm Exam 1 1

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GEOG 1003
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Geography1003HumanGeographyAfricaandAsiaStudy guide for Midterm exam 1thExam to be given Friday September 27Key terms to know from the textbook chapter 11 on East Asia see page 534ConfucianismLoessSpheres of influence Ideographic Mandarinwriting You DONT need to know any other key terms from Chapter 11 in the textbook 1 Describe the four seasons of the year and where on the earth the maximum solar energy per unit area is falling during those seasons Slides thfor August 28 2 Describe where on the earth low air pressure and heavy precipitation is common and where high pressure and little precipitation is common Slides thfor August 283Understand that levels of solar energy input air pressure and precipitation move north and south with the seasons Also understand how the InterTropical Convergence Zone ITCZ moves with the seasons and thwhat effect it has on the weather See your notes for August 28 and the slides for that day 4Understand how to interpret a population pyramid such as how to distinguish between a country with a young and growing population one with a stable population and one with a large elderly population Page 21 textbook 5Understand the demographic transition model and how this model describes changing population growth as countries move from high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates Textbook page 22
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