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Chapter 7Moisture in the AtmosphereRaindrop formationPrecipitationIn order for rain to occurneed to have a material surface in the atmosphere for rain droplets to condense on cloud condensation nucleithe nucleus that water can condense onthe absence of condensation nuclei isnt a problemAs water condenses on the nuclei it forms tiny droplets that are called cloud dropletslarger than the cloud nuclei but small enough to float in the atmosphere small enough to look through at microscope or a good magnifying glassClouds look white because light is refracted in multiple different directions Rain drops are formed from the cloud dropletsin order to form a rain droplet thousands of cloud droplets need to form into a cloud There needs to be a mechanism to form rain dropletsMechanisms that form rain dropletscollisioncoalescence many collisions need to happen a large particle in which it falls from the sky and collides with other droplets to make it form into a larger droplet and the cycle continues in order for this to be effective we need updrafts in the cloud that will blow the droplet back up has to persist for a while in order for it to accumulate into a rain droplet dominant mechanism in warm clouds moisture is in the liquid formthese clouds are usually found in tropical area Liquid water is needed to form larger droplets IceCrystal processrecognizes that in many clouds there will be liquid water and frozen water ice crystalsevaporation is continually taking place in the water cycle what happens is evaporation is trying to make a equilibrium point to where evaporation And condensation Are equal ice reaches an equilibrium state to form into a crystal in dry areas ice crystal absorbs more water vapor as the water droplet gets smaller It takes a lot of energy for a water vapor molecule to form a crystalwater vapor freezing rate is much larger than formation of a water droplet deposition rate in ice crystals is much larger than the sublimation ratemore input of water droplets than the evaporation of water in a crystal makes the ice crystal grow larger Clouds and Cloud Types Two major characteristicselevation of the clouds how high they arelow middle and high cloudsshape
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