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Geography Exam 2 Test Review

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GEOG 2050
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Geography Exam 2 ReviewIsobarsIsobar line of constant equal pressure value on weather mapsSpacing of isobars indicates intensity of pressure difference or gradientCloser isobars are FASTER the wind speedWider the isobars are SLOWER the wind speedWind always moves from HLGeostrophic windWind PARALLEL to isobarsCombined effect of PFG and the CF on air currents aloftPressure Gradient Force PFG the force which results when there is a difference in pressure across a surfaceCoriolis Force CF the deflection of moving objects when they are viewed in a rotating reference frame Temperature vs Sensible HeatTemperature average motion of KINETIC ENERGYHeat transfer of energy from warm objects to cooler objectsSensible Heat the heat we feelMercury BarometerMeasures atmospheric pressure via mercury in a tubeMeasure in various units known as MBNormal sea level pressure is 101325mEvangelistia Torricelli developed the first mercury barometerBeaufort Wind ScaleBeaufort wind scale empirical measure that relates wind speed to observed conditions at sea or landOceanic currentsNamed after Admiral Beaufort of the British Navy in 1806
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