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Geography the study of the spatial distribution of phenomena on the earths surface the study of where things areOld GeographyoLiterally means writing about the earthoWhat is whereoDescriptionobservationCuriosity Holly Beach or beaches of Brazil Brazil all day baby oSuggested that Curiosity is a biological function the Saber Tooth tiger example of the man who just eats and sleeps vs the man who knows where the cave is Who passes their genes to the next generation and who is lunchGeography only became a university discipline till about 100 years ago New GeographyoWhy are things where they areoExplanationunderstanding PhysicaloHydrologyoClimatologyoBiogeographyoGeomorphologyoMeteorologyoPedologyHumanoSocial geographyoCultural geographyoEconomic geographyoBehavioral geographyoPolitical geographyoUrban geographyMagic mix of Physical and Human Holistic Synthesis4 spheres of geographyoLithosphere solid portions of the globeoHydrosphere water portions of the globeoAtmosphere earths airgases that surround the earthoBiosphere earths living things that occupy the 3 other spheres Lots of overlap between Geography Geology and Engineering 5 common themes in geographic researchoLocation where things areoRegion characteristics and attributes that a location shares with other locations a location that is homogeneous with other locations aka the same oHumanearth relationships how humans affect the earth How earth affects the humans We live in this world We need to plan ways that we can interact with the earth that lessen our impact on it and allow us to live well in the long term oPlace the characteristics and attributes that make a location unique and not like other locations oMovement networks links the ties between locations that allow them to interact and influence each other Examples rivers food webs ReviewGeographyoHuman physicalFour SpheresoLithosphere hydrosphere atmosphere biosphereFive ThemesoLocation where things are place characteristics and attributes that make a location unique region group of similar locations movementpathways humanearth relationships Monday January 17 2014The Scientific MethodoMethod a recipe for doing somethingoPurpose for building knowledge ComponentsoImage of the real world philosophers call this the knowledge we already know this is different for each personoImage of the real worldtheory the knowledge that we generally accept to be correctoWe come across a gap in our preexisting knowledgeoGap in our knowledge first thing we do read up on what is already said about the gap If the question hasnt been answered it is on us to answer itoHypothesis possible explanation of phenomenon that requires verification oVerification go out and collect data do experiments satellite images statistical analysisGap in knowledgeHypothesisVerificationAccept hypothesis if verifiedTheory Just because it is theory doesnt mean it is true You can never prove that anything is true with 100 certainty Be skeptical Things should be challengedSystems theoryoDefinition a way to think about the nature of thingsoIt is a very powerful way to think about things Very generalized An abstract way to think oThe ideas are general yet can be applied to many phenomenonSystemoDefinition a set of objects and their attributes that are linked together by flows of matter and energy Boil the universe down to two things matter and energyOpen systemoMatter and energy are free to enter and leave Ex car engine Closed system oEnergy and matter cant enter or leave Ex wrist watch the problem with a closed system is that it has a finite level of energy Watch battery is used up and energy converted into an unusable formThe earth is NOT a closed system It is a very open system We are constantly being bombarded with solar energy and other cosmic goodiesBudgetsoConservation of matter and energy matter and energy cannot be destroyed They can only change forms
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