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GEOG 2051

Chapter 14232013 125900 PMflash cards httpquizletcom12062612geography2051flashcardsChapter 1 Introduction to GeographyGeography1Geography is very old and asks the question what is where literally it means earth writing2The study of spatial distribution of phenomena on or near the earths surface3Old Geography1The question What is where 2All about descriptiondescribing what other places are like 3Why people did geography through human history 11 Curiosity could be a survival instinct22 Economics 33 Political Power expansion44 Cultural included priests to spread their beliefs55 Military Power6Practical Activityonly recently has is become a university thing4New Geography1Changed over the past 150 years21900s is when departments of geography developed in universities 3Maps Global Distribution all available before4Geographers realized they have to find something to do 5The question Why requires an explanation1Why are things arranged the way the are2Why is gold where it isWhy does Sugar Cane thrive here3More of a challenging endeavor that involves explanation and a deeper degree of understanding6Answered through explanations1Need to know much more about them than just where they are2Requires much more knowledge 5Divisions of geography1Human vs Physical Geography1Human1Focuses on people and culture cities economy industrial enterprises etc2Physical1Focuses on the natural environment how we influence what is around usFour spheres of physical geography21 Lithosphere1Refers to the solid earth portions mountains beaches valleys sand dunes2Geomorphology geomorphologists 32 Hydrosphere1Refers to the water portions moisture in air clouds oceans rivers2Water resources hydrologists 43 Atmosphere1The relatively thin envelope of gases that surround the earth that makes life possible2Climatology climatologists 54 Biosphere1The living organisms and nonliving surroundings2Biogeography biogeographists 6All are interconnected and influence each other7In the center where they all come together is management and planning5 common themes in Geographic research81 Location the use of longitude and latitude1What is where 2Describing where things are mapping coordinate systems 3Always related to where something else is4How things are arranged in space92 Place where things are in relation to each other1refers to the characteristics and the attributes that make a location unique and different from any other place on the earth 2ex New Orleans has unique attributes that make it a place103 Regions 1an area that is eternally homogeneous the same with respect to some characteristic or attribute2The south shares certain characteristics that make it different from the north cultural attributes that a location shares with other places3Could be a climate region things a location shares with other areas around it114 Movement Networks linkages pathways connections 1Ties regions together roads power lines2Ecosystems are tied together by flows of nutrients and energy3Ideas and information that travel from place to place 12 5 Humanenvironment Interactions 1The environment influences people and people influence the environment2Shapes the opportunities and resources that people have available to them
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