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Geo FinalExam

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GEOL 1001

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Geology 1001, Final Exam
Spring, 2009
Version 1 Day &
Part I: Old Material
1. What are vertical successions of rock called that help geologists work out the past
a. Bedding sequences
b. Deposition
c. Erosional sequences
d. Lithification sequences
2. The Bahamas are an example of a(n) ___________.
a. Alluvial environment
b. Carbonate platform
c. Deltaic deposit
d. Rift Valley
3. Science is a(n) ________ process.
a. Fearful
b. Dishonest
c. Democratic
d. Intellectual
4. Starting from the surface, the second layer of the Earth is known as the:
a. Mantle
b. Crust
c. Inner Core
d. Outer Core
5. What type of fault is depicted in the cross section above?
a. Left-lateral strike-slip fault
b. Reverse fault
c. Right-lateral strike-slip fault
d. Normal fault

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6. Plate tectonic boundaries where plates slide past each other are called...
a. Divergent
b. Convergent
c. Transform
d. None of the above
7. The theory of continental drift is best supported by which of the following pieces of
a. Matching ancient rock assemblages across continents
b. Matching ancient fossils across continents
c. Matching ancient earthquake evidence across continents
d. A and B
8. The structure shown in the diagram above is a(n) ________________.
a. Anticline
b. Basin
c. Dome
d. Syncline
9. Continental crust is composed mainly of :
a. Granite
b. Basalt
c. Diabase
d. Galena
10. Plate Tectonic Theory explains :
a. Geomagnetism
b. Volcanoes
c. Mountains
d. Earthquakes
e. All of the above
11. The parallel alignment of mica in a metamorphic rock is an example of _________.
a. Bedding
b. Foliation
c. Metasomatism
d. Porphyroblasts
12. Which of the following sequences describes the metamorphic changes in a shale with
increasing metamorphic grade?
a. Schist-Gneiss-Slate
b. Gneiss-Slate-Schist
c. Slate-Schist-Gneiss

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d. Gneiss-Schist-Slate
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