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Chapter 14 Geology Final Exam Review (got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
GEOL 1001

Chapter 14 Geology Final Exam ReviewKey Terms and Concepts to Remember Terms to Remember Streams ribbons of running water across the land and flow down channels Channels troughs cut into the land that confine streams and running water River large streamFlood when the volume of water flowing within a stream channel exceeds the volume of the channel water then covers an area that would normally be dry land Dendritic branching due to uniform material and uniform slope Radial from cone shaped mountain or point of uplift Rectangular controlled by jointed rocks where channels form along the preexisting fractures Trellis alternating resistant and weak rocks usually within landscapes of parallel valleys and ridges Parallel streams develop on a uniform slope where several streams run parallel to one another Drainage Basin land area that drains into a specific trunk streamDrainage Divides uplands that separate drainage basins Discharge amount of water flowing in a channel Scouring running water picks up sediment and moves it Breaking and Lifting the force of moving water can break chunks
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