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Chapter 9 Geology Final Exam Review (aced the test and got ..
Chapter 9 Geology Final Exam Review (aced the test and got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
GEOL 1001

Chapter 9 Geology Final Exam ReviewKey Terms and Concepts to Remember Terms to Remember Uplift process that raises the surface of the crust Deformation process by which rocks bend or break in response to compression tension or shearing Metamorphism process by which one kind of rock transforms into a different kind of rockJoints fractures that have no offset Folds layers that are bent by slow plastic flow Faults fractures that are offset Foliation planar metamorphic Strain change in shape of the rock via deformationStructural Geology the study of rock deformationUndeformed Terrain horizontal beds spherical sand grains no folds or faults Deformed Terrain tilted beds metamorphic alteration folding and faultingTranslation change in locationRotation change in orientation Distortion change in shape Stretching pilling apartShortening squeezing together Shear sliding past Brittle Deformation rocks break by fracturing Ductile Deformation rocks deform by flow and folding Pressure an object feels the same stress on all sides Dip Slip blocks move parallel to fault plane dipStrike Slip blocks move parallel to fault plane strike Oblique Slip combination of dip slip and strike slip Right Lateral Strike Slip Faults opposite block moves to observers right Left Lateral Strike Slip Faults opposite block moves to observers left Hinge portion of maximum curvature on a fold Limb less curved sides of a fold Axial Plane imaginary surface defined by connecting hinges of successively nested foldsAnticline arch like fold limbs dip away from the hinge Syncline trough like fold limbs dip toward the hinge Monocline a fold like a carpet0 draped over a stair stepPlunging Fold has a hinge that is tilted Non Plunging Fold has a horizontal hinge Dome fold with appearance of an overturned bowl erode to expose old rocks in the center and younger rocks outside
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