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Chapter 4 Geology Final Exam Review (scored 92%)

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Chapter 4 Geology Final Exam ReviewKey Terms and Concepts to Remember Terms to Remember Volcano a vent at which melt from inside the earth spews onto the planets surface Igneous Rocks solidified molten rock that freezes at high temps Magma liquid rockmelt under the earths surface Lava melt that has erupted from a volcano at the earths surface Intrusive Igneous Rock cool slowly underground Extrusive Igneous Rock cool quickly at the surface Pyroclastic Debris cooled fragments from a violent eruption Volcanic Ash fine particles of glass that form when a spray of lava erupts into the air and freezes instantly Ash Fall ash can billow up into the atmosphere eventually falling in a slow like manner Fragmented Lava larger fragments formed when clots of lava freeze in the air or when the force of eruption blasts apart volcanic rock Geotherm a curved line drawn on a graph which shows variation in temperature with depth in the earthGeothermal Gradientrate of change in temperature with depth Heat Transfer Melting melting that results from the transfer of heat from a hotter material to a cooler one Solid Magma solidified mineral crystals born by the melt Liquid Magma the melt itself composed of mobile ions Gas Magma volatiles Partial Melting process by which only part of an original rock melts to produce magma Xenolith rock surrounded by intrusive rock Assimilation process of magma contamination in which blocks of rock wall fall into a magma chamber and dissolve Viscosity resistance to flow Fractional Crystallization the process of progressive crystal formation and settling Extrusive Settings cool at or near the surface cool rapidly Intrusive Settings cool at depth loose heat slowly Baked Zone rim of heat altered country rock Chill Margin quenched magma at contact tiny crystals Tabular Intrusions tend to have a uniform thickness Sill parallels rock fabric Dike crosscuts rock fabric Pluton large deep igneous body Batholith when plutons coalesce
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