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Chapter 1 Geology Final Exam Review (got the best grade in class)

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GEOL 1001
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Chapter 1 Geology Final Exam ReviewKey Terms and Concepts to Remember Terms to Remember Cosmology conscious thought that distinguishes humansstudies the structure and history of the universeGeocentric earth centered universeHeliocentric sun centered universeAsteroids chunks of rocks and metalComets once icy objects have long tails Terrestrial Planet small dense rocky Mercury Venus Earth and MarsJovian Planet large low density gas giant Jupiter Saturn Uranus and NeptunePlanet object that orbits a star is sphericalMoon large body locked in orbit around a planetStars immense balls of incandescent gas Light Year distance light travels in one year Doppler Effect change in frequency when a wave source moves Nucleosynthesis process of creating new atomic nuclei from preexisting nucleons Atmosphere the gaseous envelope Hydrosphere surface and near surface water Biosphere variety of life forms on earthLithosphere outer rigid shell of earthInterior
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