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Chapter 9 Outline (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
GEOL 1001

Ch 9 Crags Cracks and Crumples Crustal Deformation and Mountain BuildingMountainsoAttractive landscape features for humansProvide beautiful sceneryRefuge from the mundaneInspire poetry and artoMountains provide vivid evidence of tectonic activityoThey embodyUplift process that raises surface of the crustDeformation process by which rocks bend or break in response to compression tension or shearingMetamorphism process by which one kind of rock transforms into a different kind of rockMountain beltsoMountains frequently occur in elongate linear beltsoMountains are constructed by tectonic plate interactions in a process called orogenesisMountainsoMountain building involvesDeformationJointingFaultingFoldingPartial meltingFoliationMetamorphismGlaciationErosionSedimentationoConstructive processes build mountains upoDestructive processes tear them back down again Orogenic beltsoMountains are born and have a finite lifespanYoung mountains are high steep and growing upwardMiddleaged mountains are dissected by erosionOld age mountains are deeply eroded and often buriedDeformationoOrogenesis causes deformation consisting ofBending BreakingTiltingSquashingStretchingShearingoDeformation is a force applied to the rocksoChange in shape via formation is called strainoStructural geology is the study of rock deformationoDeformation strain creates geologic structuresJoints fractures that have no offsetFold layers that are bent by slow plastic flowFaults fractures that are offset
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